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Founded in 1917, the Nichols Fire Department is one of three 100% all volunteer departments in the town of Trumbull, Connecticut. Operating out of two stations, we provide primary fire and rescue services to the Nichols Fire District along with assistance to the Trumbull Center and Long Hill Fire Departments. We also provide coverage to the surrounding communities and beyond. Our apparatus includes 2 engines, 1 - 75 foot quint, 1 heavy rescue, 1 city service (lighting and air) truck, 3 chief's vehicles, and a utility truck. We are dedicated to serving the Town of Trumbull and will continue to do so for years to come.

Nichols Fire Department Image Of The Day

Remington Arms fire in Bridgeport brings Nichols and Trumbull Center to Bridgeport for coverage
Tuesday, August 19, 2014 
At 1:32 on Tuesday August 19th Nichols was requested to respond into the City of Bridgeport to provide station coverage while they battled a large factory fire on their east side.   Multiple companies from surrounding towns were providing city coverage but during the height of the event there were 3 simultaneous fires burning in the city.  Nichols provided Engine 301 with a crew of 6 while Trumbull Center provided Tower 104 with 3 personnel.  Nichols car 2 went as the Chief officer from Trumbull.  Units were sent to Engine and Ladder 6 on Central avenue.

Residential fire alarm upgraded to structure fire
Saturday, August 9, 2014 
At 7:36 pm the Nichols FD was alerted to a residential fire alarm on Hemlock Trail.  Responding units arrived on scene and began assessing the residence from the exterior when they noticed a significant smoke condition within the residence.  Nichols Car 2 the first arriving chief upgraded the call to a structure fire adding Trumbull Center and Long Hill as the RIT.  Once members were able to gain access to the structure the cause was determined to be a food on the stove.  The assignment was reduced and Nichols units remained to perform ventilation and assist with resetting of the fire alarm.

Wires down at Booth Hill Road and Unity Road
Sunday, July 27, 2014 
Car 5 was first on scene confirming wires down on a vehicle with 3 occupants inside.  Car 1 arrived shortly after and assumed command.  .  Dispatch was advised of occupants in a car with an electrical wire down across the vehicle and the UI Company was requested to expedite.  .  UI arrived on scene and confirmed the wires were de-energized before freeing the entangled vehicle.  Once the vehicle was freed, fire units cleared and the and the scene was left in the hands of Trumbull PD and UI

MVA rollover on the Merritt Parkway with no entrapment near exit 49 south
Saturday, July 26, 2014 
Nichols Cars 1 & 2 responded along with Rescue 300.  Car 2 was first on scene and assumed command reporting a single vehicle on its side over the guard rail with all occupants out of the car.  Car 1 & Rescue 300 arrived and provided scene protection.  R-300's crew check the car for hazards and disconnected the battery.  A minor fluid spill was reported with no waterways affected.  Once EMS transported the driver of the car, units cleared and the scene was left with CSP.   

MVA on Nichols Avenue destroys telephone pole
Sunday, July 6, 2014 
On July 6 at 3:25am, Nichols was dispatched to an MVA at 2941 Nichols Ave (dispatched as 294 Shelton Rd), car into a pole. NC-4 responded and found PD on scene and a car that had severed a telephone pole. No wires were on the ground and there was no hazard for FD to mitigate. Rescue 300 responded, but was returned enroute. The occupants were evaluated by EMS. NC-4 remained on scene until UI arrived and turned the scene over to PD.

Nichols goes to Shelton again for coverage
Monday, June 30, 2014 
At 10:33 am this morning the Shelton FD once again requested station coverage at Huntington Company 3 for another working fire at Latex Foam in Shelton.  The NFD sent Engine 301 with 4 members to cover while other members remained back in quarters to cover additional requests and alarms.  Members were in Shelton for only an hour this time since the fire was minor and was put out fairly quickly.  Monroe and Derby also provided coverage to Shelton companies while they fought the blaze.

Nichols responds to multi alarm fire in Shelton at Latex Foam
Thursday, June 26, 2014 
At 1:29 am the Nichols Fire department was requested for station coverage to respond to Huntington company 3 in Shelton.  While crews were assembling to respond, the incident commander also requested that Nichols provide their air cascade truck 304 to the scene for a bottle filling assignment.  Truck 304 responded to the scene while Engine 301 went to company 3 to provide coverage.  Members from both companies would eventually be requested to the scene and would assist with overhaul of the fire scene along with SCBA bottle replenishment.  Members were on scene for an extended time period providing manpower and apparatus.  

Long Hill responds to reported structure fire on Main street
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 
At 12:39 pm all 3 of Trumbulls fire companies were alerted to the report of a structure fire in a residence on Main street in the vicinity of Long hill station 1.  First arriving fire department units found a small fire behind a washer and dryer unit in the basement.  The fire was quickly knocked down by the first arriving company and the remainder of responding units from Long Hill were brought in with traffic while auto aid (TCFD) and RIT (Nichols) were returned to service.  The fire was contained to a small area behind the appliances and is under investigation by the FM office.

Trumbull Center smoke investigation turns out to be working basement fire
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 
At 4:44 pm Trumbull dispatch toned out Trumbull Center and Long Hill for the report of smoke coming from the basement at a residence on Edison Road.  First arriving companies were met with heavy smoke and heat coming from the basement and the call was upgraded to a structure fire adding Nichols as RIT.  One line was stretched, found the seat of the fire and made quick work of the incident.  Nichols responded with 7 members providing RIT with Rescue 300 while other Nichols equipment staged at Trumbull Center station 1.  During the course of this incident and MVA at Moose Hill and Daniels Farm came in and the Nichols units were assigned to cover that call.  No injuries were reported and the fire is under investigation by the fire  marshals office.

Long Hill Responds to structure fire on Coventry Lane
Friday, June 20, 2014 
At 1125 am Trumbull dispatch received reports of a roof fire from a residence located on Coventry Lane.  All three Trumbull fire companies were dispatched along with a request by Deputy Chief Rauso requesting them to add Stepney FD from Monroe due to its proximity to their town.  First arriving companies reported fire coming from the roof over the garage area  of the residence.  Long Hill members stretched a 3 inch line with a water thief and then used their standpipe packs to suppress the flames.  Stepney and Trumbull Center members assisted with cutting the roof and overhaul operations while Nichols and Stepney provided RIT.  Quick work was made knocking it down and companies were released and back in service by 1300 hours.  No injuries were reported and the fire is under investigation by the fire marshals office.

New member sworn in at monthly meeting
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 
At the conclusion of this months regularly scheduled business meeting, the Nichols Fire department is proud to announce the swearing in of new senior member Nick Marrash.  Nick will now move on to his probationary training put on by the department so that he will be able to ride the apparatus.  We all wish him well with this new endeavor!

Annual Bridgeport Area Retired Firefighters memorial mass held in Nichols
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 
At 6:45 pm last evening a large contingent of firefighters representing area fire departments assembled in front of Nichols Station 1 and proceeded to St. Catherine of Siena church for their annual memorial service.  The mass is held annually and it remembers those members of local fire departments who have given the "ultimate sacrifice", dying in the line of duty.  The Nichols Fire Department hosted the annual event with Commissioner Douglas Doyle giving the opening and closing remarks, with Pastor Joseph Piccirillo giving a great homily during the ceremony.  Also remembered during the service were those firefighters who had passed away during the last year since the event was held.  The NFD lost Life member and Past Lieutenant Raymond Franko Sr. during the past year and he was honored during the ceremony.  Next years event will be returning to Fairfield and takes place on the first Tuesday in June.  Mark your calendars now!

MVA with fire on Huntington Turnpike at North Street
Monday, June 2, 2014 
June 2, 2014. At 23:12 Nichols was dispatched for a 2-car MVA with Fire. While responding to the station, NC-6 reported that there was a car that was actively on fire. NC-2 responded, followed by Quint 303, Engine 301 and Rescue 300. NC-2 arrived first, instructing Q-303 to pull a line on arrival. The crew from Q-303 made quick work of the involved engine-compartment fire. While crews from E-301 and R-300 checked for extension and secured the two vehicles. E-301 was released, while Q-303 and R-300remained to provide scene protection. Units were back in service by 00:25.

Mutual aid to City of Norwalk with Truck 304 for missing boater
Monday, May 26, 2014 
At 16:04 the Nichols Fire Dept. was toned out by the Trumbull Regional Dispatch Center to respond mutual aid to the City ofNorwalk to assist multiple agencies with the use of Nichols Truck 304. Truck 304 aka "Fresh Air and Sunshine" is a multi purpose truck with an onboard generator with lighting and a cascade system used to fill and refill air bottles on scene. The Norwalk Fire Dept. along with multiple agencies were called for a reported missing boater. During the initial response to the call 3 boaters were pulled from the water in a rescue attempt by emergency services. SCUBA divers were called in to search for a missing 4th boater. Truck 304 responded with a senior crew lead by Capt. Bill Okeefe from Nichols station 1 to the city of Norwalk to provide assistance in filling the divers SCUBA bottles that were being used in the search. The Nichols crew was on scene to assist the other agencies for just over an hour and half filling multiple air tanks. Once their assignment was completed, truck 304's crew returned back to town in service. The Nichols Fire Dept. provided a crew of 4 senior personnel to respond to the scene while an additional 7 firefighters staffed the Nichols stations for any additional in town calls. Truck 304 was off the air and in service by 18:42 hours. 

Memorial day parade honors those who sacrificed for our freedom
Monday, May 26, 2014 
Members of the Nichols Fire Department attended that annual Memorial Day parade put on by the Town of Trumbull to honor those who have sacrificed for our country.  Chief McGovern along with other members of the department attended the annual wreath laying ceremony at 9am at Town hall with the parade immediately following the ceremony.  A big thank you to all of those members who helped prepare and marched in the parade.  Also, a thank you to our culinary staff who prepared the food for the after picnic held behind station 1.

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